The alliance

Eleven relief organizations. One alliance.

Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft e.V.  is an alliance of the nine German development and relief organizations Brot für die Welt, Christoffel-Blindenmission, DAHW, Kindernothilfe, medico international, Misereor, Plan International,  terre des hommes, Welthungerhilfe as well as the associated members German Doctors and Oxfam.

Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft was founded after the tsunami disaster in December 2004. It combines larger and smaller aid organizations, both church and secular – and thus reflects a cross-section of German society. Years of experience in the field of disaster relief and development cooperation enable aid that is highly effective during emergencies and conflicts. The members provide short-term assistance, which instantaneously ensures survival, as well as long-term support in order to overcome hardship and conflicts in a sustainable way and prevent new crises. We aim to fight the causes of hunger, poverty and violence. The alliance counteracts the current trend to only focus aid and donations on overcoming acute and possibly spectacular disasters.

The agencies continue to act independently, but also support each other and coordinate their activities. Donations are collected jointly and divided up equally among the organizations.

Eleven organizations – one alliance. Our work is based on the principles of prevention, partnership-based cooperation, long-term aid, bundled experience and commitment to development cooperation.

Our principles

Meeting the needs


Saving lives, alleviating acute need: In the event of a disaster, quick and effective aid is essential. The distribution of urgently needed supplies, the provision of emergency shelters, medical care, the rescue of injured persons – these are all measures of acute emergency aid. Effective and needs based relief requires many years of experience in emergency aid and extensive knowledge of the political, social and cultural circumstances that prevail in the respective countries.



It takes people who are rooted in the affected regions, who know the living conditions and the specific needs of those in need. For this reason, all members of Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft work hand in hand with local partners in emergency and crisis situations. Our members and their partners are connected with each other through long-term partnerships and trusting cooperation.


Long-Term Perspective

Effective emergency aid requires reconstruction measures always to be kept in mind. During acute emergencies, it is important to create the basis for sustainable development and to open up future prospects for the people affected. Sustainable projects that involve the affected people encourage personal initiative and anchor new structures take time. The work of all alliance members is therefore oriented towards long-term and sustainable aid.



Prevention is usually more cost-efficient and almost always more effective than repairing damage caused by extreme natural events. Prevention is, therefore, another important aspect of sustainable development cooperation. Creating early warning systems, conducting educational campaigns and raising awareness among the population: Such measures help to reduce the damage caused by future extreme natural events and to counteract negative social and economic effects. Furthermore, it is important to mobilize and strengthen local forces. This is the only way to take long-term preventive action and act quickly in emergencies.



Taking political action and a clear position: In addition to sustainable local development cooperation, one of the common aims of Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft is lobbying, and public relations work in Germany. To be able to fix the structural causes of disasters and to set change processes in motion, the triggers, threats and obstacles must first be identified and made aware of.


Brot für die Welt – Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst
Evangelisches Werk für Diakonie und Entwicklung e.V.
Caroline-Michaelis-Str. 1, 10115 Berlin

Christoffel-Blindenmission Deutschland e.V.
Stubenwald-Allee 5, 64625 Bensheim

DAHW Deutsche Lepra- und Tuberkulosehilfe e.V.
Raiffeisenstraße 3, 97080 Würzburg

Kindernothilfe e.V.
Düsseldorfer Landstraße 180, 47249 Duisburg

medico international e.V.
Lindleystraße 15, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

Logo Misereor

Bischöfliches Hilfswerk Misereor e.V.
Mozartstraße 9, 52064 Aachen

Plan International Deutschland e.V.
Bramfelder Str. 70, 22305 Hamburg


terre des hommes Deutschland e.V.
Hilfe für Kinder in Not
Ruppenkampstraße 11a, 49084 Osnabrück

Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.
Friedrich Ebert Str. 1, 53173 Bonn

Associated members

German Doctors e.V.
Löbestraße 1a, 53173 Bonn

Oxfam Deutschland e.V.
Am Köllnischen Park 1, 10179 Berlin